Cynnig Cymraeg

A mark of recognition from Comisiynydd y Gymraeg

Head4Arts is very proud to announce that it has earned a Cynnig Cymraeg badge.

This symbol is a mark of recognition from Comisiynydd y Gymraeg for the commitment we’ve shown towards offering Welsh language services. 

We are incredibly proud to have received this badge to demonstrate that we are committed to the Welsh language.

You can check out one of our recent projects which has Cynnig Cymraeg or Welsh language provision, The Library of Life.

Logo Cynnig Cymraeg

As well as using Welsh in our projects, these are our commitments for the Welsh language:

❇️ All public documents, signage, and marketing materials will be available bilingually and communications will be welcomed in both languages.

❇️ All job opportunities will be advertised bilingually, with weighting given to Welsh language skills. We aim to achieve 25% of responses being submitted by applicants with Welsh language skills.

❇️ We will support all staff in learning Welsh and provide Welsh language learning opportunities to at least 2 freelance practitioners each year

❇️ We will deliver our activities in ways that encourage the use of Welsh language, aiming to improve bilingual delivery by 10% each year.

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Logo Cynnig Cymraeg