Occitan is the name given to a group of dialects forming a language spoken by around 1.5 million people living in the historical region of Occitania (southern France, north-eastern Spain and north-west Italy). Our Pont Project partners (Espaci Occitan) come from Dronero, in the Occitan Valleys of Piedmont, Italy.

Occitan used to be a really popular language in mediaeval times, before it was superseded in France by Norman French.

The name “Occitan” reflects the way you say “yes” (“Oc”). This is why it is also known as Langue d’Oc (as in “the Languedoc region of France”)

Occitan would once have been heard frequently in the English royal court – in fact, it was the first language of King Richard the Lionheart and his brother King John. They learnt it from their mother Eleanor of Aquitaine, who came from an Occitan speaking region.

Recently there has a been a resurgence in the number of people learning Occitan, similar to the revival of Welsh language learning here in Wales.

What does Occitan sound like? Click here to find out!

Hello – Chau
Good Day – Bònjorn
Good Evening – Bòna sera
Good night – Bòna nuech
Goodbye – A reveire
See you soon – Nos veièm fito
See you later – Nos veièm après
Welcome – Benvengut
Nice to meet you – Plaser
How are you? – Coma te pòrtes?
Ben, gracias – Fine, thanks
Not so bad – Parelh e paralh
Not well – Mal
What is your name? – Coma te chames?
My name is – Me chamo…
How old are you? – Que tanti ans as?
I am 9 years old – Ai 9 ans
I live in Cardiff – Isto a Cardiff
I live in Italy – Veno d l’Italia
I speak Occitan – Iu parlo Occitan
I do not speak Welsh – Iu parlo pas Galés
Where do you live? – Ente istes?
Where do you come from? – D’ente arribes?
Thank you – Gracias
Yes – Òc
No – No
What luck – Bonaur!
What time is it? – Qu ora es?
It’s 3pm – L’es 3 bòts
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