The Library of Life – Available to purchase

The Library of Life - a new beautiful children’s book from Head4Arts

As part of its Green Month theme, Valleys-based community arts organisation Head4Arts is releasing a new book for children, written by storyteller/writer Tamar Eluned Williams and beautifully illustrated by Andy O’Rourke.  The environmental themed story is a voyage of discovery about climate and nature and the future of our planet.  

Alongside the book itself, a special animated video has been created featuring narration by leading Welsh Naturalist, Conservationist and TV Presenter, Iolo Williams recorded for Earth Hour 2021 as part of a community collaboration with WWF Cymru.

At the rainbow’s end, one tiny girl takes care of a very unusual Library. It is her job to watch over the precious books that keep the world in balance. This is the story of what happens when she notices that the library seems to be changing – books are disappearing, and sections are shrinking …. all apart from one. Something terrible is happening to the library, disrupting the balance and she needs to find help….

Creative Director Kate Strudwick said: “We wanted to our Lockdown period to produce something that parents and teachers would enjoy sharing with their children and that could be used to prompt conversations about the environmental challenges we face today. It helps them understand our relationship with nature and how caring for the planet helps us too”. 

Having developed the story, Head4Arts was able to work with Petra Publishing to get it into print, thanks to a contribution from DPD’s Eco Fund. The Library of Life is now available to buy for £6.99 (plus postage) from the Head4Arts website:  

Also available from the website is a free downloadable education pack, giving lots of ideas for how the themes of the book can be used to support learning about biodiversity and climate change, and how by working together, we can look forward to a better future. For more information about Head4Arts’ educational resources and training opportunities contact

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