The Library of Life – Free teacher’s pack, training and book available

The training for The Library of Life will take place at 4pm on Monday 10th May.

At the rainbow’s end, one tiny girl takes care of a very unusual Library. It is her job to watch over the precious books that keep the world in balance. This is the story of what happens when she notices that the library seems to be changing – books are disappearing and sections are shrinking ….all apart from one. Something terrible is happening to the library, disrupting the balance and she needs to find help….

The Library of Life is a new bilingual resource for KS2 that has been created by Head4Arts, a community arts organisation based in the Heads of the Valleys area, to promote discussion around topics of biodiversity loss and climate change. 

Written by Tamar Eluned Williams and illustrated by Andy O’Rourke, a copy of the book and the accompanying education resource pack is available to all schools attending a free after-school online training session (1 hour). Further copies of the book are available from Head4Arts for £6.99 (plus postage) with discounts for bulk orders.

The training will take place at 4pm on Monday 10th May. Please contact Head4Arts  for the Zoom link 

Attendees will receive a free book and link to the resource pack, plus an option to purchase more copies for their school.

The downloadable resource pack gives lots of ideas for classwork using the themes of the book, integrating numeracy, literacy, science and ICT, humanities, expressive arts, health and wellbeing as well as outdoor learning. 

As well as these core areas, you will be given space to expand on the themes for more in-depth exploration of environmental issues. It shows how we still have time to make a difference, that every one of us can make a significant contribution towards redressing the balance and that by working together, we can look forward to a better future.

As an extra bonus, the book also includes a digital element – with embedded augmented reality links to more information about how climate change is impacting on endangered species around the world, and to a recording of the story being read by the author.

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