The Summer of the Van / Tent

Summer 2014

The Head4Arts van has undergone a transformation this summer, allowing it to play a role in the Arts & Minds project that we are delivering in partnership with Tai Calon.

As part of the project, which has received funding through the Arts Council of Wales Ideas, People and Places initiative, the van has been decorated in the style of a magical eastern pavilion and has been used to spark imaginations in communities across Blaenau Gwent. In its new guise the van has been used as a mobile arts space, hosting a variety of activities including song writing, digital storytelling and visual arts.

Instead of using a building as a base for activity, the use of the van has enabled us to reach the heart of communities and allowed us to create a neutral space where people feel at home – in fact some people chilled out in the tent with us for the entire day!

All of the creative activities delivered were designed to consult communities about their local area, the responses collected will be used to inform environmental improvement plans for each of the areas visited.

Alongside workshops taking place in the “van tent”, The Arts & Minds project also included a range of innovative community arts activities, such as ….

Painting steps as a creative provocation

Connecting with the natural environment through the creation of environmental art

Catching views on the local area in our arts net

Reclaiming space through the creation of a community gallery

For more information on this project and related activities please get in touch.

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