Head4Arts worked in collaboration with the team at The Incidental to introduce ShedVox at Tai Fest, Tai Calon’s annual tenant fun day.

What is ShedVox?

From the outside, ShedVox is a standard garden shed but when visitors step inside they enter an interactive audio installation that records their voice and transforms it in to a music track.

Over 100 people sang, screamed, whispered and clapped into the ShedVox microphone at Tai Fest and were able to hear these sounds instantly remixed into a piece of music. We were even visited by some superhero’s who wanted to give ShedVox a go….

This playful, participatory activity was used to raise awareness of the Arts & Minds project which is funded by Arts Council Wales as part of the Ideas: People : Place programme. This three-year project is designed to embed arts and creativity into the regeneration and design process. Arts & Minds will be delivered across Blaenau Gwent by an innovative partnership between Tai Calon, Head4Arts and Aneurin Leisure.

More details on this exciting project will be released shortly – keep an eye on the website for further information.