Arty Parky 2019

Dig out your wellies, Arty Parky is back!

Can you feel it yet? There’s a change in the air. The sun still shines but ’tis a trick! We have all been deceived into leaving the house without a jacket only to realise one thing – summer is over! Rid yourself of those blister inducing flip flops, it’s time for wellies and boots and those hats with far too many dangly bits. All over Wales people are wondering “Is it time?”. And I am here to tell you that it is. The children are back at school, the supermarkets have launched their Christmas adverts signalling the official start of Autumn. Only a proud few in Autumnal denial are still donning their summer shorts and insisting that they “don’t feel the cold”.

But do not fear, we at Head4Arts have the answer to your burning question; “Just what are we going to do when the trees shed their leaves? When the conkers start to fall? When the twigs hit the ground?”. And our answer is the same answer we have for everything in this world, We Make Art! Arty Parky is back for another year where we will be scavenging the parks, forests and fields for hidden beauty and arranging our finds into giant land drawings. Join us in 4 locations across South Wales – plus one extra special event with Menter Caerffili which will be all in Welsh! Help us give the weather a well chosen digit on both hands and let’s make stuff!

Arty Parky is a free family friendly event and you can join us from 10:30am – 3:00pm on:


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